Best practices for policy management with Anthos Config Management and GitLab


This document highlights how to use Anthos Config Management and GitLab to manage multiple Kubernetes clusters in a production environment. Securing the Anthos Config Management repository is an important deployment step, and this document can help you through that process. This document is useful to you if you’re in the process of deploying Anthos Config Management for production use and assumes that you are familiar with Kubernetes and Git. If you’re operating a platform that hosts apps for your organization, it’s important that you have policies in place to help you protect your platform. Policies are rules aimed at protecting the platform, and the apps and data on the platform. The platform enforces these policies based on configurations describing the policies. Policy enforcement helps to improve the security and stability of the platform. Anthos Config Management helps you manage policies at scale for platforms built on top of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Anthos GKE, or other Kubernetes distributions. Anthos Config Management lets you create and manage Kubernetes objects across multiple clusters at once.

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