GitOps Workflows with GitLab and Anthos

Gitlab on Kubernetes + AWS

Update March 2017: EFS now supports a single mount point for a volume, so the setup is now much easier because you don’t have to differentiate between AZs. Take that into account while following this blog post. Introduction In the last post we saw how to create a production-ready Kubernetes (K8s) cluster on AWS with Kops. Now, let’s see how to use it in conjunction with AWS managed services to host a highly available application: Gitlab.

Gitlab Grand Master Plan

On september, the 13th, at 7p.m (CEST), Gitlab presented its “Grand Master Plan“: the direction that the company and its product will take in the coming months. Reminders Gitlab is a company that was created to back the product of the same name. Gitlab was conceived as a competitor of Github: a centralized platform for managing Git repositories with a web GUI. Like Github, Gitlab lets you fork a project (create your own copy), and create Pull Requests (called Merge Request - a better name I think), which is a way for you to submit modifications for code review.