Making this blog with Cloud Run

Until now In my first post on this blog, I explained how I created this blog. At the time, I was using: Hugo as a static site generator, that is a tool that turns Markdown into a pretty static website. AWS S3 to host the website itself. Docker to run Hugo and generate the website from my Markdown files. Since then, I joined Google and using Amazon’s services to host my personal blog didn’t seem very “corporate” :-) So, I had updated my setup like this:

Making this blog

How is this blog made? As the first post on my new shiny blog, I found it fitting to explain how I make this blog, and how I host it. Spoiler alert: it involves all the latest trendy things in IT :-) Go, Hugo! Contemplating the prospect of hosting yet another Wordpress blog did not fill me with joy. Oh, the pain: choosing the right plugins, keeping it up-to-date or risking to be hacked… Wordpress is too complex for my needs and too time-consuming for me.